Ford Accelerated Action Day Feeds the Hungry

25 Dec

December 12th marked Ford Accelerated Action Day, a day in which hundreds of Ford employees have teamed up to feed the hungry in their local communities. More than 700 employees participated in this year’s event, providing assistance to soup kitchens, food banks. Shelters, and care centers across the country.

Ford teams up with nonprofit partners to create 50 projects in eight states focusing on the most urgent needs of the people those nonprofits serve. This year, hunger relief was among the top priorities, and the Ford Fund was able to grant $91,000 toward the purchase of food and materials to make the day’s events successful.

“Helping to meet the most basic needs of our neighbors is the first step toward creating a better world,” said Jim Vella, president, Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services. “Hunger affects one in six Americans. That’s 49 million people each year. We have a lot of reasons to be thankful and one of them is being able to share some of our good fortune with the less fortunate in our communities.”

Ford Accelerated Action Day is far from the only charitable event the Ford Volunteer Corps. supports. In fact, thousands of Ford employees gather on six continents during Ford Global Week of Caring to perform critical community service work to benefit communities worldwide.

For a full list of non-profit organizations that benefited from this year’s event, check out the recent press release.

Here at Mountaineer Ford, we are proud to work for an organization that works so hard to support its communities

Ford Accelerated Action Day

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