Looking Back at the History of Sweethearts

5 Feb

Some might be surprised to learn the history of Sweethearts, the popular Valentine’s Day candy, dates back to the Civil War.

In 1866, Daniel Chase had a simple idea: conversation hearts. He invented a machine that could press food dye letters onto the candy lozenges that his brother and NECCO founder Oliver Chase had already made famous, and Sweethearts were born.

For most, the adorable little candies are just that: cute, a little charming, but not of much significance. But over their 149-year existence, Sweethearts have seen a lot of change in the world. Over time, old sayings have gone out of vogue and new sayings are showing just how much our culture has evolved.

Classics like “Kiss Me,” “Sweet Talk,” and “Be Mine” have been around since 1902, while sayings like “You Are Gay”—once meant to denote cheerfulness—are no longer politically correct.

It’s not easy coming up with new mottos that are not only friendly and tasteful but that can also fit on the Sweethearts, and the advent of internet-speak has certainly helped with that—think “EZ 2 LOVE” and “ILU.” Other sayings like “Text Me” and the later “Tweet Me” also speak to how far technology has become a part of romance.

Maybe one day, they’ll say “SYNC Me,” in reference to the next-gen Ford SYNC system! Well, probably not, but we can always wish at Mountaineer Ford!

history of Sweethearts

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