Ford Vehicle Chimes Stay In Tune

18 Jun

Ford is an automaker that is known for paying attention to details. To ensure you’re receiving the best Ford experience possible, the American carmaker is now even creating special Ford vehicle chimes to break through the everyday clutter. These chimes, which range from casual reminders to important alerts, allow Ford models to communicate easily with drivers.

“Our inclination has been to add more sounds for more alerts, but people are getting chimed out,” said Jessica Prescott, an engineer with the group that ensures vehicle harmony. “Because of that, our audio alerts must be intuitive—instantly recognized by drivers.”

To break through other daily chimes, the Ford engineers balanced the frequency, volume, cadence, and tone of its chimes. This helps notify drivers of the high-importance alerts, like a collision warning, and gentle reminders, like the sound of the turn-signal indicator.


If you would like to listen to the Ford vehicle chimes make harmonic music, click here. To hear these chimes for yourself in a vehicle, come in to Mountaineer Ford today!

Ford Vehicle Chimes

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