The Ford BraunAbility MXV: First Wheelchair-Accessible SUV Ever

10 Aug

Ford is redefining the industry thanks to a recent partnership with BraunAbility, a world leader in mobility vehicles. The Ford Explorer was recently selected as the first-ever wheelchair-accessible SUV, a historic moment for disabled individuals everywhere.

According to Ford, the Ford BraunAbility MXV gives wheelchair users the quality and dependability any mobility vehicle, as well as the capabilities and performance of one of the world’s best-selling SUVs. Named for the company founder Ralph Braun, this disability-focused vehicle is redefining wheelchair-accessibility.

“For our first-ever wheelchair-accessible SUV, it was important we worked with the best,” said Nick Gutwein, BraunAbility president and CEO. “We wanted to create a vehicle that personifies freedom and independence, and the Ford Explorer provides the ultimate base to achieve that.”

This model will feature a 54-inch door height, 28-inch ramp width, a sliding shifter for increased space, a space-saving front seat, integrated key fob, and transfer seat capabilities. With the Explorer’s 3.5-liter V6 under the hood, the BraunAbility MXV has plenty of power as well.

Ford BraunAbility MXV

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