What Is Ford Cold-Weather Testing?

15 Sep

Ford Cold-Weather Testing

The Eglin Air Force Base in northwest Florida is home to the McKinley Climate Laboratory, the largest climatic testing facility in the world, where Ford Cold-Weather Testing is performed annually. In mid-August, Ford made its yearly trip to Eglin, where, despite the Florida climate, the American automaker tested its prototype vehicles in conditions as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The large size of the facility, which is used to test military aircrafts, streamlines the process for Ford, collecting in three weeks what could take months to learn in a smaller testing facility. The lab also has housing space for over 50 engineers and experts.

Ford tested the vehicles in conditions matching existing locations and situations as well, in order to ensure the vehicles’ safety for people’s specific needs. On the Alaskan Prudhoe Bay, for example, workers use Ford trucks for both transportation and a warm place to sit to prevent injury from the cold weather, so Ford tested its trucks’ ability to stay warm while idling for extended periods of time.

It’s no wonder Ford’s lineup is so versatile and tough when such rigorous testing is applied to it! You can test drive a weather-ready Ford truck at Mountaineer Ford.

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