Ford Goes Further in Winter Weather Testing

14 Dec

winter weather testing

When an automaker tells you that its vehicles are the best-equipped for any condition, that it has the toughest truck to get you through the worst blizzard and the toughest terrain—how do they actually know? A lot of it might feel like big talk, but Ford has the data and testing to back it up.


Ford is going further in their winter weather testing procedures so that it can confidently offer you only the best prepared vehicles. Recently, the automaker has been using the Allen Park Climatic Wind Tunnel to test its models in the most wicked of winter’s worst weather.


This wind tunnel is specially designed for winter weather testing. Temperatures in the tunnel range from -40 degrees to 130, with hurricane-inspired wind conditions of up to 125 mph. To get even more dramatic, the Allen Park and Ford engineers can put snow through these dastardly winds to create true blizzard-like weather conditions.


Ford also tests its vehicles in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, one of the northern-most reaches of the United States outside of Alaska. Looks like Ford’s not kidding when it says Go Further.

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