The Truth is Out There and Ford is Helping to Find It

23 Feb

When the X-files began broadcasting way back in 1993, no one really knew just how hugely influential the show and its unforgettable message, “The Truth is Out There,” would become – except maybe Ford.


Ford has been partnered with X-Files since Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were cruising around in an old Ford Taurus (so much so that the official X-Files drinking game requires you to take two sips every time Scully and Mulder drive anything that isn’t a Ford Taurus). Things have been updated for 2016’s new 6-part miniseries just a bit: the world’s favorite sci-fi FBI agents are darting around in the all-new Ford Explorer Platinum. We’re not surprised Ford and X-Files opted for the Explorer: it’s been America’s best-selling SUV for 25 years and Mulder always had a penchant for “good American cars.”


But, have no fear, X-Files traditionalists, the new miniseries isn’t Explorer-exclusive: you’ll see the Taurus on screen too, along with the Escape and Mustang. The truth is out there – and it just so happens to be that everybody loves a Ford.


The X-Files miniseries airs on Mondays at 8 E.S.T.

the truth is out there

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