The Best Winter Fun in West Virginia for the Whole Family

3 Feb

winter fun in West Virginia

On February 2nd, the prophet Punxsutawney Phil informed us that spring has sprung, that winter will stop coming, that we’re nearing in on retiring our parkas and scarves. But, seeing as Phil is a groundhog and accurate with his spring vs. winter forecasting only 39% of the time, we thought it might be a good idea to remind you and your family of the best winter fun to be had within the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia.


Try these great ideas for winter in West Virginia while the season is still here.


  1. Plan to take the fam to the upcoming Blackwater Falls State Park Cardboard and Duct Tape Sled Race on Saturday, February 27th. Here, you’ll get to design and construct your own person-powered cardboard sled. Prizes go to the best design and best team spirit. This year’s theme is “Mystical Creatures.” If that doesn’t get your creative juices flowing, we don’t know what will!
  2. Just in case Phil was kind of right and the rest of winter is dreary and freezing-rainy, plan some indoor (but still wintery) fun at a Wheeling Nailers game. Affiliated with the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Nailers offer you great nights of family fun for a low price.
  3. Finally, the best winter fun might be the most obvious for any native of Appalachia: skiing and snowboarding. West Virginia is home to some of the best slopes in the east; whether you’re experienced or not, one of our state’s resorts is well worth a visit!

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