Next-Gen Ford Mustang Production Moved Up

5 Mar

The current Mustang is ruling the market with excellent sales and raving critics. According to a report, however, the automaker is pushing up production of the next-gen Ford Mustang. Originally scheduled for 2022, the next Mustang could come as early as 2020. The Mustang was just revamped last year, which begs just one question: why?

Truth be told, there’s no concrete reason for the next-gen Mustang to come sooner rather than later. The report comes from UHY Hacker Young, an accounting and consulting firm out of the United Kingdom. In it is the following change, found on page 15.

“Program code for the next‐generation Mustang (S550(ng)) has been changed to S650 and the SOP has been shifted back from January 2022 to May 2020. Subsequently, the EOP for the S550 has been moved to April 2020.”

“SOP” stands for “Start of Production” while “EOP,” you guessed it, stands for “End of Production.” According to the report, the current Mustang is scheduled to end production April 2020. The next-gen Mustang is scheduled to begin production in May 2020.

Speculation surrounding the change includes future government standards in fuel economy, emissions, and safety. Ford has yet to comment.

While the next-gen Ford Mustang won’t be around for another four years, the 2016 Mustang starts at just $24,145.

We here at Mountaineer Ford can’t wait to see what will become of the Mustang!

Next-Gen Ford Mustang

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