Ford’s Mobile Movie Theater System

18 Apr

Mobile Movie Theater   The Ford Motor Company recently proclaimed some big ideas and plans at The Consumer Electronics Show (CES). First Ford plans to focus more on self-driving vehicles, as plans are to triple the current amount of autonomous vehicle testing. In addition to the testing, they plan to create more technology for the next steps after self-driving vehicles.

We at Mountaineer Ford wondered what could possibly come after self-driving vehicles. Well, Ford answered that by creating a patent for a mobile movie theater!

The Ford patent is called the Autonomous Vehicle Entertainment System, and the diagrams depict screens and projectors that can retract into the ceiling of the car.

This mobile entertainment system will be applied to vehicles containing two modes, autonomous and non-autonomous. The movies will play on a project screen covering the windshield when driving autonomous. When the driver needs to drive, the movie screen will retract and there will be a smaller display. This display may be located on the dashboard or review mirror.

We at Mountaineer Ford love to see the new ideas and technology that Ford is creating. Ford continues to make great strides in autonomous vehicles and the future beyond.


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