How To Find Best Vehicle For A Teen Driver

28 Jun

Wondering what the best vehicle for a teen driver may be? You should look for certain qualities that will prove helpful in keeping your son or daughter safe as they begin their journey as an independent driver.

Of course, you want a vehicle that is safe. For any parent, this is going to be at the top of the list when searching for the best vehicle for a teen driver.

According to Insurance Institute For Highway Safety, “bigger, heavier vehicles are safer.” Not only do they perform better in safety tests but statistically they are involved in less accidents.

Performance vehicles are made for experienced drivers. The throttle can be too touchy and the steering can too responsive for new drivers to handle safely. You may want to avoid performance vehicles and vehicles with high horsepower the first time around.

There are two agencies that rate vehicles based on rigorous safety testing. They are the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety.

The latter put together a list of models going back almost ten years that A) earned “Good” ratings from the IIHS and B) 4 or 5 stars overall from the NHTSA. You can find that list here.

best vehicle for a teen driver

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