Have Some Fun during National Anti-Boredom Month

13 Jul

By now, the pure joy of summer may have worn out a bit for your kids. The Fourth of July fun has passed and some days it’s just too hot to play outside. Perhaps this is why July is recognized as National Anti-Boredom Month. If you want to kick the boredom to the curb, here are some great activities in and around Beckley that are sure to bring some fun.

  • Exhibition Coal Mine. To get a glimpse into what it’s like in a coal mine and see what it what like in a coal camp in the early 20th There are also beautiful gardens, a picnic area, and a gift shop with local West Virginia goods.
  • Tamarack. If you love supporting local artisans with your purchases, be sure to visit Tamarack. This unique shopping center features artisanal crafts from artists all across West Virginia. There are also delicious hand-prepared food and art demonstrations daily.
  • Grandview State Park. See views of the breathtaking West Virginia wilderness at Grandview State Park. Head to the overlook, hike the many trails, enjoy a picnic, and watch the wildlife.

This is just a small picture of all that there is to see and do right here in Beckley. What are your favorite spots to beat the summer boredom?

anti-boredom month

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