Celebrate Honey Month with These Unique Uses for Honey

7 Sep

As September rolls in, we get the first glimpses of autumn. Part of this change in the seasons is the end of the honey collection season, which is why September is recognized as National Honey Month. To celebrate, here are some unique ways to use honey that are more than just adding it to your tea.

unique uses for honey

  • Cure your sore throat. Follow this recipe and create a concoction to naturally soothe your sore throat.
  • Moisturize your skin. Honey has unique moisturizing properties and can be a great way to moisturize dry elbows and skin in the winter. Rub it on after you shower, let it sit for 30 minutes and wash it away.
  • Relieve your hangover. Because of honey’s high fructose content, it can help your body metabolize alcohol faster. Add some to your breakfast to faster relief.
  • Preserve your favorite fruit. Create a honey sauce with one-part honey to ten-parts water. Fill a canning jar with your favorite summer fruits and fill to the brim with the honey sauce.
  • Fight your allergies. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, a regular regimen of local honey may help curb your reaction. Since honey contains trace amounts of pollen, it is believed to increase your immunity. This will only work if is honey from local sources.

What is your favorite way to use honey?

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