2017 Ford GT Test Drivers Caught Going 101 MPH

1 Oct

2017 Ford GT

The Ford GT is something of a legend among enthusiasts and the popular car is making its official return to the market for the 2017 model year. The car has been undergoing heavy testing and nothing proves how fast a car really is like getting pulled over. Two 2017 Ford GT test drivers were caught going more than double the speed limit not long ago.

Officers in Avon, Colorado were patrolling along Interstate 70 when two 2017 Ford GT prototypes sped by going 101 mph. The officer who clocked the pair wasn’t in position to commence a chase so he radioed to State Patrol. Patrol officers pulled the Ford GT prototypes over around 37 miles away from where they were originally spotted.

The speed limit in the area is 50 mph due to the tight roadways but the Ford GTs clearly had no problem taking the curves at over double the speed limit. As for the drivers, they’ll have to return to Avon for a court summons.

Coincidentally, the officers that pulled over the Ford GTs were driving a Ford F-150 police truck. Awkward.

We here at Mountaineer Ford are more than impressed by the power and handling of the new Ford GT!

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