Ford F-Series Anniversary Celebrates 40 Years of America’s Best Selling Truck

30 Mar

This year marks the 40th consecutive year that the F-Series has been America’s best-selling truck. This is no small feat. To have success like this, the Ford F-Series has had to stay ahead of the curve, maintain innovation and anticipate buyer’s needs.

Things started going particularly well for Ford in 1977. The company had just released the sixth generation Ford F-150, and it was a new favorite. It was an all-new truck with an updated 351-series V8 engine and standard front disc brakes. This was a hard working truck that buyers loved, but Ford wasn’t going to let that stop them from improving it even more. They stepped up their game even more with the seventh generation F-150, and by 1982, the Ford F-150 was not only a best-selling truck, but it had actually become America’s best-selling vehicle, a title it’s now kept for 35 years.

Innovation continued, and the F-Series sales remained steady. In the late 1990s, Ford saw a need to distinguish The F-150 as a light duty pickup, and the F-250 and F-350 were released as Super Duty versions. In 2001, Ford noticed that drivers were using the trucks for more than just work now. The F-Series pickups had become family vehicles as well, so they began crafting luxurious and comfortable interiors.

This vigilance toward anticipating what people want and need is one of the biggest reasons the Ford F-Series has remained at the head of its class for so long. In the last 40 years, Ford has sold over 27 million F-Series, and they promise to sell many more.

Celebrate the Ford F-Series anniversary with us at Mountaineer Ford by scheduling a test drive today!

Ford F-series Anniversary

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