Honoring Veterans this Memorial Day

26 May

Memorial Day offers a great opportunity to take a day of rest with family and friends in the late spring. But this time of year it’s also important to consider why the holiday was created in the first place—to remember our fallen soldiers and to honor our veterans. Here are some suggestions from Mountaineer Ford for how you can take a moment to thank our veterans this Memorial Day.

Donate to a Charity
Veterans between the ages of 18 and 30 are more likely than regular civilians to face homelessness as a result of mental of physical injury. You can help provide the support that these veterans need to heal and live healthily and happily by donating to veteran charities such as Homes for Our Troops or the Fisher House Foundation.

Fly Your Flag at Half-Staff
Traditionally the American flag is flown at half-staff to honor important figures and civilians in the United States who have passed away. To honor this tradition, raise your flag all the way for a moment in the morning, then lower it to half-staff. At noon, tradition says that the flag is to be raised to the top of the pole again until the evening when it’s to be taken down.

Honor Your Veteran Ancestors
Almost all American families will have some ancestors who fought for their country. Take Memorial Day as an opportunity to talk about these family members, share fond stories, or visit the graves of relatives who have passed away. Memorial Day is a great reminder not only of those who have fought for our country, but of those who shaped our own families and lives as well. Honor those people this year by remembering their lives with fondness and appreciation.

Memorial Day

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