A Ringtone You’ll Want to Hear – Ford Exhaust Revving Ringtone

31 May

What’s one way to make unsolicited phone calls less annoying? To download your favorites song as a ringtone, of course. For some people that might mean a little Black Sabbath or maybe a classic like “Mustang Sally” But for car enthusiasts, no sound is sweeter than the luscious rumble of the Mustang’s engine. Luckily for them, there’s a new revving ringtone available as a free download from Ford.

This new revving ringtone, geared towards those who just can’t get enough of the pony car, replicates the rumble of the 2018 Ford Mustang’s engine when in track mode. Track mode is an available feature on the new Mustang, part of the active valve performance exhaust system. It lets drivers control their exhaust sound output even more than before. And, thanks to this new ringtone, you can extend that exhaust sound control to your mobile phone.

Revving Ringtone

The active valve performance exhaust system featured in the 2018 Mustang GT creates a flexible way for drivers to get more out of the classic Mustang performance. Sound can be lowered when needed, but can also provide that satisfying revving rumble that adds to the full pony car experience. The revving ringtone is just another way for drivers to appreciate that element.

You can download the ringtone for free today, but to learn more about the active valve performance exhaust system, call us at Mountaineer Ford.

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