Prepare Your Vehicle for a Road Trip

19 Jun

There’s something quintessentially American about the classic summer road trip. Blame it on movies like Thelma & Louise or books like On the Road. No matter which iconic story inspires you to hit the road this summer, make sure you’re ready for anything. Use these tips to prepare your vehicle for a road trip beforehand for safe and efficient travels.


You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of water while you’re driving in the summer heat. In the same vein, your vehicle will need plenty of fluids as well, like engine oil, coolant, and transmission fluid. Make sure all of your levels are good. It doesn’t hurt to bring along some extra oil, too, just in case.


Your tires are about to carry you for miles and miles across parts of the country, so be kind to them. Check their pressure before you go—and when you’re out, too—to make sure they’re at the correct PSI. This will get you the best traction, the best gas mileage, and will ensure that your tires are set to hit the hot pavement.


Brakes are, of course, a very important part of safe travels. Bring your vehicle into Mountaineer Ford to have your brakes checked before departing to make sure everything is running as it should for a safe and successful journey. Happy travels!

Prepare Your Vehicle for a Road Trip

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