Stress-Free Summer Vacation Tips

7 Jul

summer vacation tips

Many people spend the winter dreaming of the perfect summer vacation—those of us at Mountaineer Ford included. But when the season arrives, it’s easy to rush into something without first preparing. Take your time this year when planning your trip, and use these summer vacation tips to create a trip that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


Research Car Rentals

Unfortunately, it’s far too easy to book a car rental online for one price and leave the car rental counter paying something much higher. Before your rent a car, research different companies and find one you can trust. Also look into things like rental insurance, which may already be covered on your regular car insurance.

Be Cautious on the Internet

During your downtime on vacation, it’s tempting to use local, free wi-fi to login to social media and post your favorite vacation pictures. However, using public wi-fi makes your more vulnerable to hackers. Plus, posting about your time away lets potential thieves know that your home is empty. It’s better to wait until you’re safely at home to conduct most of your online business.

Avoid Scams

Use your best judgement when dealing with alleged travel prizes or cheap deals on the internet. Most of these are scams that are out to steal your financial information, or collect a fake down payment from you. If you’re in doubt about the legitimacy of a prize, travel company, rental location, or anything else, check it out on first to avoid stress and confusion later.

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