Football Season Tailgating Tips

1 Sep

Football Season Tailgating Tips

Football season tailgating is a time for fans to come together to support their favorite team. Team colors are obviously a given, but what else can you do to make this tailgating season memorable? We here at Mountaineer Ford have some football season tailgating tips to share!

The Grill

Taking on the challenge of being the designated griller means you’ll need the right gear. Your grill choice says a lot about you. A natural gas grill will help reduce your carbon footprint and help keep parking lot visibility clear. You’ll also help reduce the amount of dirt and soot in the area.

Culinary Skills

Chips and salsa simply won’t cut it at a modern tailgate gathering. You’ll need to be at the top of your culinary game each time you take to the grill. Create some delightful recipes that are simple yet delicious for game day.

Cooler Packing

Packing the cooler is an important job, believe it or not. An improperly packed cooler could lead to spoiled meat that isn’t safe to eat, or you could also end up with a cold, wet hand in freezing weather after you reach to the bottom for your favorite beverage. Pack wisely and be sure to keep accessibility in mind.

With these tips in mind, you are ready to tackle this season of tailgating!

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