2015 Ford Mustang Turns Critics into Giddy Kids on First Drive

9 Oct

2015 Ford Mustang

Try to find a negative review of the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang. Come on, we dare you. Actually, if you do find one, we’d be willing to bet it’s just a guy who is stuck in the past, complaining about all the “changes” to the iconic American sports car. We’ve got news for that guy: the Mustang didn’t make it fifty years by ignoring the ever-changing demands of the new car market.

The new Mustang drives that point home better than ever before: the vehicle features updates and improvements to just about every aspect of its design, but remains obviously and uniquely a Mustang. That makes it the best Mustang ever, according to many, many reviewers, who seem to throw their critic’s hat out the window when they’re behind the wheel of this baby.

The new Mustang is simply tons of fun to drive, great to look at, and all-around amazing. Sure, the backseat might not have room for all your extended family members, but if you aren’t behind the wheel of a Mustang, what’s really the point, right? Come in to Mountaineer Ford today to learn more about the pulse-pounding, heart-racing experience of driving the 2015 Mustang.

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