Re-Invent Those Thanksgiving Leftovers

13 Nov

thanksgiving leftovers

If you’re like us, then the morning of Thanksgiving you skip breakfast, to make sure you’re really hungry to enjoy that wonderful Thanksgiving dinner that you and your family members prepared. Then, invariably, you overeat. Looking at your leftovers, the thought of another Thanksgiving-type meal isn’t so appealing. But wait; don’t throw them away! The Huffington Post has some great ideas to transform those Thanksgiving leftovers into delectable dishes!

Turkey Soup. It’s easy: Slice up some of that turkey breast and allow the meat and the turkey bones (to be removed later, of course) to simmer in a broth. The longer, the better.  Then add peas, carrots and rice or noodles.

Turkey Pot Pie. This is one is quite simple too. Just buy a pie crust and stuff it full of leftover turkey, mashed potatoes and dressing.

Turkey Salad. Simply throw leftover turkey on top of your favorite salad.

Turkey Fajitas. Pull some turkey off of the bones and sauté with caramelized onions and green peppers. Top with salsa and cheese and whatever else you like.

We here at Mountaineer Ford hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving (and a tasty morning after)!

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