Ford F-Series Most Popular Luxury Vehicle in the US

18 Dec


A recent report from CNBC determined that the most popular luxury vehicle in the US is the Ford F-Series. Wait… what?

Yes, you head correctly: the F-Series is the most popular luxury vehicle in America. Confused? Well, TrueCar defines a luxury vehicle as one that costs more than $50,000. TrueCar also projects that Ford will sell 751,000 F-Series models, and that 190,000 of those pickups will be the higher-end trims that cost more than 50 grand.

Strangely enough, eight of the top ten luxury best-sellers are either pickups or SUVs – not exactly the kinds of automobiles one would think of when picturing a “luxury” vehicle. Among those eight pickups and SUVs, the Ford F-150 ranks number one in projected sales. TrueCar is anticipating that the best-selling vehicle in the country (luxury or otherwise), the Ford F-Series, will generate $32 billion in revenue.

It’s not hard to see why the capable, well-designed, awarded (and, apparently, luxurious) Ford F-Series projects to be so wildly popular. Whether you want the base model or the high-end “luxury” pickup, you can’t go wrong with the F-Series. Stop by Mountaineer Ford today to learn more about the best-selling F-Series.

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